Chris + Megan | ROSEMARY BEACH, FL

Truly...this place has my heart. Any chance I have to photograph a session in Rosemary Beach is an absolute dream, and lucky me, this was my second time having a shot at a dreamy beach session here.

Chris & Megan are friends of ours from church, and they traveled to Rosemary Beach to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary. I was ecstatic when I learned their vacation overlapped ours. I must say...the fact that my parents live 30 minutes from here is a MAJOR bonus ;-) The architecture and design of this community speaks to me in ways that I can't describe. One of my favorite things to do while visiting is simply walking up and down each and every street, just taking it all in. My husband laughs at me, because I verbally sigh, as I can't hardly take in all the beauty that surrounds.

Although I grew up in the Chicago area for the first 18 years of my life, when my parents relocated to this area in 1998, it immediately felt like home, and Dave and the kids and I always greatly anticipate our return. I'll take any opportunity I have to fly down, so hey...if you know of anyone traveling to the area, and are interested in having photos to capture their time in such a gorgeous setting, send them my way ;-) 


Until next time, 30A...