I have to say, given the extremely hot temps & humidity on the day of this session I wasn't so sure. I couldn't help but think we'd all be melting...including Payton's makeup (which was done by one of Payton's very talented <makeup artist> family members...isn't it fabulous?!). We came prepared with LOTS of water, hand-held fans, blotting tissues, and makeup for touch-ups. Our determination paid off, if I do say so myself, and I'm so glad we followed through, despite the "Extreme Heat Warning" we were under! 

You'd never know it as you're scrolling through these photos, but Payton told me over and over that she feels very uncomfortable in front of the camera. Little does she know she's a natural, and made my job an absolute breeze. Not to mention we had a blast, and shared a lot of laughs throughout the process ;) You are stunning, Payton, and you rocked this session!

Thank you so much for contacting me for your session...I loved working with you!

Congrats on your Senior year!!

courtney xox